Safety Day with DuPont Sustainable Solutions
11th June 2013, Kantvik

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to join us at the DuPont Kantvik site for this exclusive event, which will discuss new innovations and approaches towards safety culture transformation and cutting edge methodologies that help achieve a step-change in safety performance.

Participation is free of charge. Presentations will be held in English

During this informative seminar you will learn how DuPont helps clients to develop safe attitudes and behaviours among employees by establishing efficient safety management systems. You will get an overview of consulting and training solutions, proven methods and best practices from DuPont that can help develop a strong safety culture, health and safety skills, reduce incidents and ultimately improve operational performance in your organisation.

During the second afternoon session, depending on your specific interests, you will be able to choose between 3 parallel sessions which will give you an in-depth overview of the chosen training or consulting solutions from DuPont.

Session 1: Behaviour-Based Safety Training – STOP™ and SafeStart®
STOP™, Safety Training Observation Programme, and SafeStart®, Advanced Safety Awareness and Safety Skills Training, are both practical, successful training methods, which have helped our customers to prevent injuries and accidents for over 30 years. Each of them focuses on different aspects of human behaviour: STOP™ helps build safety observation and communication skills, whereas SafeStart® addresses human error and unintentional at-risk behaviours not only in the workplace, but also at home and on the road.

Session 2: A Distinctive, Psychologically Based Safety Program – DuPont Integrated Approach (DnA) for Safety
DuPont Integrated Approach (DnA) for Safety is a psychologically based safety programme, developed using the most current thinking in holistic psychology and cognitive science. Its developmental tools and techniques focus on the intrinsic motivators that can ultimately determine behaviour. This gives our customers deeper insights into their safety culture, as well as targeted programmes to transform their results.

Session 3: Process Safety Management
For over 40 years, we at DuPont have been implementing process safety management (PSM) concepts in our own facilities and at customer sites worldwide, thereby helping to manage operational risk and prevent process-related injuries and incidents. Our expertise is based on real-world experience, with a focus on both the cultural aspects and technical elements of an organisation. Based on this vast operational experience, we have refined our health and safety structures, disciplines and methodologies in ways that can be replicated, put into practice, tested and fine-tuned for almost any situation or industry.

Who Should Attend:

  • Operations/Site Managers
  • EHS VP and Directors
  • Safety Managers
  • Risk Managers, among others.
9:00 - 9:30 Welcome and Safety Contact
9:30 - 10:00 Overview DuPont Sustainable Solutions
10.00 -10:45 The long term effects and the importance of the engagement top management in safety performance transformation – a real-life example
11:00 - 12:00 Overview of the consulting solutions – The journey is the destination & The necessity of behaviour-based safety employee training.
13:00. – 13:45 DuPont™ e-Learning Suite: efficiency and sustainability in training & Contractor Safety Management.
14:00 - 16:00
  1. STOP™ & SafeStart®
  2. DnA
  3. PSM
16.00 – 17.00 Wrap Up: Q&A/ Feedback/ Conclusion
*Lunch and refreshments included.

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